10 Brands Best Total Station for Constructions and Other Field Projects

10 Brands Best Total Station for Constructions and Other Field Projects – Measurements of distances and angles are very important in construction planning.

Inaccurate measurements can risk the building even when the construction process has been done. The worst case is when a building suddenly collapses just because the distance and angle are not right.

Well, to make sure the measurement process is conducted as well as the results are completely accurate, there is a tool namely a total station to use. What is a total station?

A total station is a tool or gadget used for modern mapping and planning. It is very useful for any field projects including building v construction. Generally, it works by measuring distances and angles automatically. Those distances and angles are also measured from various perspectives; vertically and horizontally.


A total station is also basically a theodolite integrated with the Electronic Distance Meter (EDM) to scan and read the distance and also the level of tilt. It is seen from the point where the tool is placed to a certain spot in front of it. Then, the data are saved for further computation processes.

Nowadays, many brands have produced best total station products for construction needs. There are also some recommended series with great features to improve accuracy. Sure, every series has its own pros and cons you should consider before deciding to choose it. So, for the best measurement results, here are some recommendations for total station products.


Trimble S6 Robotic Total Station

Trimble S6 Robotic Total Station is one of the best total station series by the famous brand, Trimble. The product offers some sophisticated features to make sure the measuring process goes well. one of them is the field-proven optical to connect the total station that is on the field with the system in the office. This feature is supported by GPS integration. This way, the connection, and data-sending process are conducted in a wireless method.

The measurement results are also getting more and more accurate as it has been equipped with Trimble VISION technologies. Those technologies are made by Trimble itself with some essential functions. For example, this series of total stations enables the users to watch and measure areas from a distance using a live video tool. Interestingly, the result is just as accurate as when you do the same activity directly in the area.

It also doesn’t take too much time when you use this remote measurement tool. The data are reported at the same time using some features including the MagDrive technology. Sure, there are still many more features and new technologies added to this series. The main goal of the production of Trimble S6 Robotic Total Station is to make sure that the users can be more productive with it.


Trimble TDC100 Handheld Data Collector

Still from Trimble, there is the series of TDC100, known better as a handheld data collector rather than a total station. But you should not worry as the product is basically still a total station with some more functions.

The dimension is quite smaller compared with other series. Besides, it is more lightweight as well, that’s why, the Trimble TDC100 Data Collector is included in the portable total station category. Furthermore, it is designed with specialist data collection. It enables you to record save, and collect much data before being transferred to the computer system in your office.

Other features available in the total station are including a sunlight-readable display, compatibility with any environment and weather condition, consumer-swappable batteries, and a high-resolution camera.

In addition, aside from functions as a measurement tool and data collector, it helps the users do more things. One of them is scanning the condition of the surrounding and managing the situation well to make sure the construction process goes well without any errors.

Topcon HiPer V Rover FC 500

Almost similar to the TDC 100 series from Trimble, Topcon HiPer V Rover FC 500 works as more than just a total station. The tool is designed to manage all things in the environment to smooth the project. Well, in terms of how the product measures the distance and angles, it should not be questioned anymore. It guarantees the result to be accurate with some sophisticated technologies.

The first technology is the unique radio system along with the fast internet cellular modem. This feature works to perform Magnet Relay Sessions that convert the tool into a station with the mobile reference.

The total station from Topcon added some more features for multiple functions. The combination of those features provides a great solution for any problem in the field. For example, the tool enables you to track GPS constellations faster, more easily, and more accurately.

There are also universal tracking channels to ease users when tracking the coordinate from all views. The total station features a signal to scrub from Fence Antenna for reaching and locking ultimate signals. For radio signals, there are 2 main options provided, they are UHF and Spread Spectrum Radios. In addition, the internal cellular modem is also given as an alternative.


Leica FlexLine TS07 1” R500 Total Station

Recently, Leica produces 3 new series of Total Station, named the new generation of Best Total Station. 3 of them are good for sure, but let’s talk about the FlexLine TS07 1 series which is considered the best among them.

Leica equipped this product with easy-to-use and intuitive software, making the product not difficult to operate even for beginners. Furthermore, the icons and graphics provided there are also understandable. This way, this total station series from Leica is suitable for project surveyors who don’t have too much time to learn about a new tool.

The product also works very well in measurement as it also features the AutoHeight Option. As information, this option is the first and the only one so far in the world. So, what is the benefit of having an AutoHeight feature in a total station? This feature is to command the tool to automatically measure, read the result, and set it up to the object.

Of course, this feature makes your jobs much easier and not wasting time. The result is also guaranteed to be more accurate with less error level. Thanks to the laser technology shot to the ground to make the object simply displayed on the screen.

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Trimble TX6 3D Laser Scanner

Talking about the laser technology in the total station, it is not owned by Leica only. Its competitor, Trimble also uses the same feature on some of its products including the TX6 3D series. The total station works using the technology of advanced time-time-of-flight that automatically scans with high accuracy.

Using this product, no matter how the environment looks like, you can handle it well. The data are automatically saved in the memory from RealWorks. Then, it scans in the Scan Explorer to explore the color, contour, and types of the area. The data is processed in CAD software available in the total station product.

Trimble TX6 3D Laser Scanner is suitable for any type of construction and purpose. Users may use it to build urban environments such as buildings and streets; infrastructure like roads, Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, and more; virtual design construction; industrial environments, building reconstructions; and more.


RIEGL VZ-1000 V-LINE 3D Terrestrial Laser Total Station

RIEGL presents the series of VZ-1000 V-Line 3D which is mainly aimed at mining. Miners use it to do some jobs such as opening cut pits, creating draglines, doing stockpiles, and more. However, you can also use it for other works like in the construction area. Yes, it is quite similar to other total station products with main functions for measuring, scanning the field, and analyzing data.

How to use this total station is probably quite different from others. It should not be a big deal as there is a guidebook to train you. A good thing is that the result can be more detailed than other conventional stations for construction. Yes, it is because there are more indicators to use in obtaining data. In some cases, the data produced are important in construction.

Some new technologies are also implemented in this product. It provides a narrow infrared laser beam with a range of more than 1400 m. Then, the data are submitted in the program faster using the feature of a fast-scanning mechanism.

GSSI StructureScan Pro GPR

While it is quite pricey, the product brings more features and benefits to the users. Thanks to the GPR professional which works very well in any area to scan. Furthermore, GSSI StructureScan Pro GPR is indeed designed not only for construction areas but also for other types of topography.

So, here are some functions of the total station product from GSSI. First, it scans for jobs related to post-tension, conduits, and rebar, as well as it is accurate for non-metallic objects. Second, you can also use it to scan Concrete slabs only with some easy steps. Third, it features a tool to Locate voids and image Concrete. Lastly, the total station is a suitable tool for evaluating areas and materials as you can conduct the condition assessment and structural inspection.

In addition, it is very customizable. There are some options of antenna including the 1600 MHz and 2600 MHz antennas. The 1600 MHz is often chosen for its high popularity among surveyors. Meanwhile, if you prefer the higher resolution, this is the 2600 MHz antenna answer.


Topcon FC 5000 Field Controller

Topcon FC 5000 Field Controller is the next total station that is designed for any purpose. Compared to the same products in the same class, it is considered one of the fastest. Moreover, the way it works is directly integrated into 64-GB memory and the processor of Intel Atom Z3745.

Other features to enjoy in this product are WiFi, GPS Navigation, extended Bluetooth with a range of more than 1,500 feet, and more. The technologies applied here are also sophisticated such as the MAGNET technology to smooth the surveying process. The technology also guarantees the result to be accurate.

Topcon FC 5000 Field Controller survives well in any situation, even in extreme weather conditions. It is designed with an extra coverage system to make it dustproof and waterproof. The length of operation is up to 15 hours.


Leica TS13 1” R1000 Robotic Total Station

One more product from Leica you can consider having for measuring and surveying. It is a series of TD13 1” R1000 Robotic. Just like the name, it works independently with a system, something you can find in a robot. Besides, it is equipped with many features, making it work more accurately.

This total station works faster in measuring the distance and angle when the point has been determined. Then, the data are analyzed before being transferred to the computer system in the office.

Don’t worry about being tired when using this total station. In the package, some additional parts are included. They see the tribrach, a wooden tripod, a field controller, a single Charger, and more.


Trimble CFX-750

The CFX-750 total station series from Trimble is one of the most popular tools in the realm of construction workers and surveyors. There are some reasons for the popularity including because of its simple design and easiness to use. Besides, it also has broader functions, not only for constructions but also for other purposes like mining and agriculture.

It also features benefits and technologies to make your jobs done faster with more accurate results. The technologies of Tru Count LiquiBlock and Tru Count Meter Mount air minimize line crossings in the measurement process.

For planting and agriculture, it also features the technology of Trimble Field-IQ to control the precision seed and nutrients. The crops, in the end, will be high-quality and it just maximizes the profits.

How the product works, in general, is similar to other total stations mentioned earlier. It scans and defines the area’s conditions. The data are then analyzed and transferred to the computer to ease you in taking a look. With details of the data obtained, you can optimize the project’s results.


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